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Бажання працювати і творити,
     вболівати за успіх наших справ,
       прагнення досягати поступовими кроками значних результатів
          є принципами роботи нашої команди

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“Geh ma'z haus”

Educational studio “Dwelling of knowledge”



Cherish wisdom as a means of travelling from youth to old age,

for it is more lasting than any other possession (Bias of Pirene)


Educational studio “Dwelling of knowledge” offers education for children and adults


Children study in different age groups:



Adults study:


We also offer educational programs:

-   for children in ”the day off group”* and in different children’s birthdays and other parties with animators

-   for adults in discussion clubs, in movie nights, literature evenings and thematic parties


* In “the day off group” we read, draw, do handicraft and of course play. The group works on Saturdays from 10:00 to 14:00.


Visit us and we will help you and your children develop your capacities!


By your request we could also build other language classes as well as workshops and trainings.

Keep up with our updates in NEWS


You are welcome to visit us!

in Khimichna str. 20, Lviv, Ukraine

phone 067-705-34-83


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