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Бажання працювати і творити,
     вболівати за успіх наших справ,
       прагнення досягати поступовими кроками значних результатів
          є принципами роботи нашої команди

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Project Gallery


We base our work on the challenges faced by today’s society. As a result, we concentrate on the following areas:

-       Contribution to adult education (however there is a problem with adult education in the countryside, but there is also a need for it among young people in the urban environment). We have started the project “Begin with yourself!” The goal of this project is for people to understand that each and every one of us needs to invest in our own personal growth. We started by showing Ukrainian and international art-house films and holding discussions about them. We also taught foreign languages, physical culture and Sunday school where young parents and their children would draw, sing, dance, do crafts and learn.

-       Popularization of the idea that volunteering is an act that helps in self-realization by gaining special knowledge and skills and encountering new aspects of society and its problems.

-       Propagation of the need to develop renewable sources of energy and to use energy efficiently. We take into consideration public opinion for the future development of the questions that will certainly help us protect our environment. For this message to spread, it is very important to start with yourself: Do what you can to bring this urgent question into public discussion and educate our society.

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