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Бажання працювати і творити,
     вболівати за успіх наших справ,
       прагнення досягати поступовими кроками значних результатів
          є принципами роботи нашої команди

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About us


We are a young generation of Ukrainian citizens with an active stand on life.

We consider the construction of a civil society to be one of the most important keystones to improving human capital and social consciousness.

We declare the need for the unity of Ukraine and Europe. We work towards this by implementing common projects in different areas that allow both sides to overcome stereotypes by getting know each others’ language and culture, by finding common priorities and by learning how to cooperate.

We, as citizens of Ukraine, cherish Ukrainian culture, customs and rites. We honour achievements of Ukrainians and we would like to share and give everyone a chance to empathize with us and fall in love with Ukraine – a European country in its way of thinking and in its world view.

Our team was formed in 2009-2011 while working at the organization “Deutsche Jugend” for the German minority in the Lviv region. During that time we realized the following projects:

      Our Projects 2009 – 2011:

-           The module of seminars and workshops “German minority in Ukraine: from the past through the present together to the future”

-           International project “Without borders – international communications. Poland – Germany - Ukraine" 

-           Ukrainian evening in German style "De-Party"

-           Educational trip to Bavaria and South Tyrol

-          XII International Summer School on the subject “Position of  national minorities in Central and Eastern Europe”

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